Paul Delouvrier Museum

(by Michel de la Patellière, Director of the Paul Delouvrier Museum / translated by Alexander Hickox)
« Rorcha, born in 1976 in Paris, is a French painter. After studies in architecture and landscape architecture, he started painting under the name « Rorcha », in reference to the projective tests of the psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. He paints landscapes with ambiguous forms, escaping the classic « abstract/figurative » dichotomy in a way that allows each spectator to engage with the work subjectively. Since 2001, Rorcha has regularly shown in Paris in individual (Galerie Selmersheim) and collective (Salon de Mai, Hôtel Dassault) exhibitions. In 2004, he lived in New York and painted the   « Manhattan Transfer » series, which he exhibited the same year in Greenwich Village. In 2006, Jean Pierre Delarge incorporated Rorcha into his « Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Plastic Arts »; in the same year, he was inducted into the Musée Paul Delouvrier, where he represents the new artistic scene. »